This time of year is perfect for re-evaluating and taking a moment to assess your goals and aspirations. The best inspiration often comes from immersing ourselves in new cultures and learning new ways to incorporate their best practices into our own busy lives.

Travelling to Bhutan is one way to open up these channels and explore a culture rich in myth and happiness!

Bhutan is the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ derived from Bhutanese legends and one should always travel to a destination with an exciting dragon back story.

3 things we can learn from Bhutan this year:

  1. To ponder the stunning natural world

Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Bhutan’s scenery is breathtaking. Travellers, prepare your camera for sweeping panoramas as you capture the peaks of Everest, Kanchenjunga and Tsenda Gang. Bhutan takes pride in working towards a sustainable tourist industry to minimise the impact on trekking routes and the landscape.

Bhutan Taktshang Monastery in Paro

  1. To challenge yourself and your community to strive for a life of happiness

One of Bhutan’s notable goals and aspirations is the Gross National Happiness index. This index measures and assesses the welfare of the Bhutanese people beyond just the monetary. This is an aspiration we can incorporate in our own lives! Think of measuring your success based on what fulfils you mentally, physically and emotionally to challenge the daily grind.

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

  1. To navigate hidden local gems

With a history of Buddhist tradition, the villages in Bhutan are dotted with prayer flags and temples. The lush landscape, dense forests and alpine flora is home to the Takstang Monastery, commonly referred to as Tiger’s Nest, attracting pilgrims from all over Bhutan. Weekend markets in Norzin Lam and traditionally painted Bhutanese houses offer details to a Bhutanese narrative and way of living. Why not discover the hidden gems in your community or country? Open your eyes and be amazed by what surrounds you everyday.