Swapping the kitchen for the great outdoors is a soul-nourishing experience, and one that not even a Michelin Star restaurant could rival. Nothing beats the crackling of the flames, the soothing sounds of nature, and air so fresh, you wish you could bottle it.

But do you know what makes campfire cooking even better? Flavoursome flame-kissed food! Take your next camping trip to tasty new heights with these easy-to-master recipes.

Campfire Pizza Nachos

Nachos are a universal crowd-pleaser. Add pizza topping and you have a dish deserving of a stand-up ovation. This recipe is a sure way to satisfy all tastebuds present around the campfire, raise important questions like “can I have seconds?” and accompany your million star view in style.

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Camping Breakfast Sandwich

Rise and shine, happy campers! It’s time to start your day with a hearty hit of gourmet goodness aka the camping breakfast sandwich! Not for the faint hearted, this tasty carb-companion may cause reoccurring sandwich dreams and post-breakfast drooling.

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Campfire S’mores Granola

Plant-based eaters and gluten-intolerant comrades, rejoice! Introducing campfire s’more granola, made with gluten free rolled oats, dairy free chocolate chips and vegan friendly marshmallows. Camping isn’t a certified experience without a sweet serving of s’mores, and this tried and true dessert just got a whole lot more interesting.

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Walking Tacos

Nope, they don’t have legs, but they do have a body. In fact, the body is a chip packet. That’s right, yummy taco filling in a chip packet. While presentation may lack in aesthetic appeal, the convenience and flavour of these fun-filled tacos will leave an impression that will most certainly stand the test of time. Scouts honour!

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Campfire Spinach Dip

In a serious relationship with finger food? Us too. Just like at home, no outdoor experience is complete without our bite-sized besties – or better yet, the dip of all dips: spinach dip! Simply serve this classic and creamy number with some bread or crackers – and there you have it – A la rustique hors d’oeuvres!

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