Whether you’re about to embark on your first overseas adventure or you’re whisking yourself away for the weekend, the most important rule of thumb for travellers is to not weigh yourself down.

To help you travel light, we’ve rounded up 5 simple tips so that you can master the art of packing smart!

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute

While we understand that life can get busy and time can get lost, a common rookie error for travellers is leaving the packing to the last minute. If you’re rushing or tired, you’re more likely to forget the essentials – and we’re not talking about your toothbrush. Think important travel documents, medication and that incredible DSLR camera sitting beside your bed.

Give yourself enough time to thoughtfully process and plan out your checklist. This will also allow you to include smart staples to help lighten your load.

2. Opt for lightweight clothing

Your sightseeing capsule wardrobe should include lightweight, warm, versatile, wrinkle-free and quick drying pieces. Merino wool is a popular all-round natural fabric that will become your lifeline on the road. It will keep you warm in frosty conditions and cool in humidity – plus unlike synthetic fabrics, merino wool is odour resistant – so perfect for multiple wears!

3. Roll, don't fold

While rolling may not necessarily lighten your load, it will certainly help you maximise your space, combat creased clothing and help keep your bag organised. This simple tactic is perfect for your carry-on luggage where bulky culprits reside.

4. Minimalism is a must

Some like to stay stylish while they stride, but your time abroad will be infinitely easier if you just pack the basics alongside a few statement pieces. We’re not saying cute and cosy can’t co-exist; you just have to exercise your creative flair by mixing, matching and layering your garments.

What about your feet? Opt for a neutral pair of everyday shoes that are comfortable, waterproof and practical for your destination.

5. Choose the right luggage

Depending on the location, type and length of your adventure, try to limit the number of bags you’ll be carrying. Steer clear of awkwardly large and heavy suitcases that will drag you down while you try to navigate your way through busy crowds. If possible, try stick to luggage that is within the carry-on bag size limits (your arms will thank you!).

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