Something that I’m constantly asked from my non-vegan pals is if I find it difficult travelling whilst being vegan? Although I’d love to say no, everywhere in the world is yet to be vegan friendly. I’m currently spoilt with vegan options being an “inner-westie Sydney sider”, so I never think too much into it. However before I travel to a new destination, I always follow these simple tips to make sure I never end up hungry – or worse hangry!

1. Research, research, research!

I cannot recommend this enough. Don’t wait until you’re in a foreign country, desperate to find WIFI and to lock down the nearest vegan-friendly restaurant. Spend one evening before you depart looking on food and travel blogs for recommended cafes and restaurants for vegans. Make a list on your phone or take a picture of a written list to take with you. It’ll honestly save you a lot of stress.

2. C'mon, get Appy!

Have WIFI whilst travelling? Great! Download the Happy Cow app right this very minute. It’ll be the best $3.99 that you spend on your adventure. The app uses your GPS and tracks all the vegan friendly restaurants that are nearest to you. A slightly lazier option from the first tip, but it will be your lifeline abroad.

3. Pre-pack your snacks!

Challenging yourself on a sport or cardio based adventure, like a trek or cycle? Ensure to pre-pack your snacks! It’s always a sweat -inducing moment when you’re trying to read an ingredients list in a language foreign to you.

My favourite on-the-go vegan friendly snacks are of course salted nuts (they replace the salt you’re losing in your sweat), dried fruit (great sugar boost) and Cliff Bars (low G.O carbs to give you long-lasting energy).

4. Pack on-the-go vegan beauty products

Worried about having no choice in using non-vegan toiletries, as you’re limited in how much you can pack? Worry no longer. This is when my long lasting love with Lush Cosmetics comes into play. Lush offers shampoo and conditioner bars. You heard me correctly; solid shampoo bars. They not only save space and liquids but they are also environmentally friendly with their eco-packaging. They also offer powdered dry shampoo and solid deodorants – all cruelty free!

5. Communication is key

As useful as it is to learn the basics in the language of the country you’re travelling to, it can also be useful to learn the phrase “any animal products?’

That way, if you’re ever unsure you can get your answer easily.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find your travels a cruelty-free breeze!

Words by Rebecca Pitt

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