We love socially-good innovations, just as much as we love taking on new adventures! There are some seriously cool and inspiring innovations out there ­– innovations that will no doubt leave a lasting impact on the world. From water that can be carried in a wheel to shelters that can easily be assembled for those who need it most, we’ve rounded up six revolutionary ideas you should know about!

Wello Water

In many developing countries, it is the job of women and girls to collect water for the family and household. Often the journey to find water is arduous and long, meaning girls are spending less time at school and more time working. Also, the water is heavy – 20kg in fact. It’s backbreaking. No one should have to walk many kilometres with that much dead weight on their back.

Introducing: the Wellow WaterWheel. This product was designed to reduce the drudgery of water collection for women, providing a faster, safer and more time-efficient way to transport water home to their families. It’s affordable, it keeps the water clean and it’s ergonomic.

Source: Wello Water Facebook


Did you know when girls have access to sanitary products, their rates of absenteeism at school reduce dramatically? LaunchPad was designed with a mission to deliver affordable, biodegradable sanitary pads to women and girls in Sierra Leone. They were created and selected based on the needs of women’s cultural taboos and environment. LaunchPad also teach women how to start a business by selling the sanitary pads. Double win!

Source: OneGirl Facebook

The Ocean Cleanup

We all love the ocean, right? And we all know that it suffers under the hands of humans that pollute it on a daily basis, right? Enter: The Ocean Cleanup. This marvellous contraption envisions a network of long floating barriers, which in turn would allow the ocean currents to passively gather plastic and other pollutants. Once the plastic is gathered in a central point, it can then be collected for recycling. Simples! The Ocean Cleanup’s feasibility study showed that a single 100 kilometer-long cleanup collection could remove 42 per cent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch over a period of 10 years! Amazing!

Source: Ocean Cleanup Facebook

Better Shelter

This cool contraption was created with refugees in mind and is pretty awesome if we do say so. The Better Shelter comes in flat packs, meaning aid relief can transport it easily and assemble it without tools. It also has an expected lifespan of three years. Three years of shelter would mean so many people who need protection will be safe from the harsh elements of the environment. The shelters include a solar panel and a lamp to provide light. Better Shelter have also teamed up with UNHCR and the IKEA Foundation to deploy and use the shelters in the countries where refugees need them the most.

Source: Better Shelter

Eco BLAC brick

In India hundreds of thousands of brick kilns produce about 200 billion bricks each year. This process creates a considerable amount of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Paper mills also dump boiler ash in landfills, affecting human and environment health. As demand for housing increases, it is expected that demand for bricks, an essential building material will also increase

Some brainy kids at MIT decided this needed to change, and developed a brick called the Eco BLAC brick, which they made from the boiler ash, using low-energy alkali activation technology rather than a kiln. The result? Recycled industrial waste turned into construction materials.

Source: MIT Tata Center

Orange Sky Laundry

Orange Sky Laundry was founded in 2014 by two young Aussie blokes, Lucas and Nicholas. Their mission? They want to create a vehicle for conversations, opportunities and education through a free mobile laundry service for the homeless. The custom fitted van has been servicing parks and drop-in centres Australia wide, with two industrial washers and dryers in each van. They were also awarded Young Australians of the year for 2016!

Source: Orange Sky Laundry Facebook

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