Name: Bernhard Budiono
Adventure: Unicef Trek for Children Kilimanjaro 2014 and Unicef Trek for Children Everest Base Camp 2015Bernhard

Bernhard is a true adventurer at heart! After having just climbed Kilimanjaro in 2014, Bernhard was one of the first to sign up to take on Everest Base Camp just a few months after his return. He also managed to trek the Kokoda Track somewhere in between! He has been a real trooper, proving that travel really can be a platform for personal  transformation and global impact! Bernhard captured some truly inspiring moments along his journey. You can see more on his Instagram gallery here: Bernhard Budiono Photography 

“The first time I took on an Inspired Adventure for UNICEF, we were off to the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro. To be honest, my first thoughts were it was just another bucket list item to tick off. However, the more I delved into the experience, the country, the people and the cause – I became increasingly engaged with the whole idea. After working in Northern Africa and seeing the UN flags and banners, the whole concept of their work began to be more real.

When the earthquakes occurred earlier this year, my motivations changed, but my resolve did not. The work with the NGOs became more about disaster relief, and I found that the trek became more focussed on the role of UNICEF. It was even more incentive to go! We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go to the office in Kathmandu.

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My friends and family have been pivotal in my adventures, successes and above all, in me being who I am today.

“The adventures I’ve led haven’t been for notches on the belt, but more so to make an impact in a world that we sometimes see as spiralling out of control.”

The excitement of going to new, exotic places, pales in comparison to knowing that you are changing the lives of people elsewhere. Some wise words were given to me by a very inspirational person, and they’ll stay with me till the day I die.

 “Success should never be measured by wealth, fame and fortune, but by the number of lives you can impact in your lifetime…”

I think that was all I needed to motivate me. It wasn’t so much for the physical challenge or anything like that. Just one word – impact – that’s what excited me.

Learning and understanding the work that organisations like UNICEF do on the ground has been critical in motivating me to move into the humanitarian and development field. I think above all, it’s helped me find some purpose with my spare time. To explore, experience, learn and above all – love more.”

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