The Red Centre is an integral part of Australia’s make up and a must see part of this beautiful country. Despite this, Central Australia is often surpassed by tourists for the sandy beaches, bustling cities and wine regions, however Central Australia offers an experience like no other. A place where you can drive for hours without seeing another soul, watch wild camels relish in the dry and barren habitat and amongst the vast flat landscape giant rock formations and canyons rise from the red dust.

Three Highlights of the Outback

1. Uluru

Standing proud in the centre of Australia is the iconic landmark that springs to mind when initially thinking about central Australia, Uluru. Over 600 million years old, Uluru is a window into the past. Uluru holds far more importance and significance than just being a tourist attraction. To the Anangu people Uluru is a sacred site which generations have treasured and respected.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of emptiness, this majestic rock rises from the dust immediately capturing the attention of everyone around. The big red rock stands at 348 metres high, 3.6km long and 1.9km wide.

There are many ways to experience Uluru, and a day or two dedicated to the rock will provide a fulfilling experience. Each side of Uluru is different meaning the 10km base walk is a great way to get to know the crevices and curves of this majestic place. You can also view Uluru from the air by taking a plane ride or even a hot air balloon trip. One of the most special experiences to tick off the bucket list is to watch the sunrise and set over Uluru, the rock face changes colour and the sky provides.

2. Kata Tjuta

Uluru generates the buzz around the outback and is the key to drawing visitors in, however not far from the jewel in Australia’s crown you will find some equally beautiful and mysterious red rocks including Kata Tjuta. Also known as the Olgas, Kata Tjuta is made up of a number of large rocks, the highest being 1,066m. Taking a walk through the large rocks will enable you to see some stunning views across the outback and you will truly be able to appreciate the enormity of the formations.

3. Kings Canyon

I’ve saved the best until last. Kings Canyon is 306km from Uluru, and is easily accessible by car or bus. Set time aside to walk the 6km rim walk around Kings Canyon, it is a must when visiting the red centre. The breathtaking views, deep gorges, water holes and hidden gullies are unforgettable and will make your outback experience even more special. Some sections of the gorge have spiritual significance to the Indigenous peoples who live on the land. The canyon is located on the western end of the George Gill Range and is part of the Watarrka National Park.

Imogen-Red Centre
The Red Centre

If you ever get the chance to visit Australia’s iconic Red Centre, I recommend going at least once in your life! It’s an experience quite unlike any other, and great opportunity to see an ancient landscape carved over many centuries. You can check out our Red Centre adventures and even extend your stay to make the most out of your outback experience.