When travelling abroad, it’s only natural to want to capture the incredible memories you make. And if you are undertaking one of our amazing adventures, you will no doubt be presented with a whole lot of photo opportunities.

As part of our efforts to practice and promote responsible travel, we have created a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to ensuring that your travel snaps are ethical ones. Your photos won’t only look good but you’ll feel good about taking them too!

What you have to do;

1.) Be informed and research local customs or rules related to photography before you visit your destination. For example, some cultures do not allow photographs to be taken of religious sites and/or activities for belief they are sacred.

2.)Consider why you are taking a photo. Reflecting on your intentions will minimise the risk of placing yourself in a situation which may be sensitive or offend those involved.

3.) Get to know your subject. This demonstrates respect and is ultimately an opportunity to learn something about the local community – whether it be the individual themselves, the region or their culture.

4.) Ask for permission. Consent to take someone’s photo is important. If there is a language barrier, consider using non-verbal forms of communication or seek help from your local guide.

5.) No means no. If someone declines a photo for whatever reason, don’t take one.

6.) Share photos responsibly. Be cautious posting photos of people to social media, especially children.

7.) Be honest. Give context to any images and consider any negative messages they might send.

8.) Be extra careful with photos of children. Always ask for their guardian’s consent before taking any photos.

9.) Be mindful posing as a ‘hero’. Avoid feeding the stereotype of visitors and volunteers ‘saving locals’.

10.) Enjoy the moment. Sometimes it’s best to put away the camera after you have the shot, and be present.

11.) When in doubt – remember the 5 R’s – Research, Reflect, Request, Respect and Real.

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