How We Are Staying Committed to Responsible Travel

At the heart of Inspired Adventures is our focus on using travel as a platform to manifest good. Despite all it’s perks, we recognise tourism can present some unwanted effects upon local environments and the communities which live there.

Doing what we do, we recognise that we have a social responsibility to promote responsible travel, and ensure everyone involved in our adventures (including our participants) are responsible travellers too.

To do this and keep ourselves accountable, we have adopted a Responsible Travel Policy. Designed using the criteria for World Responsible Travel Awards, this policy promotes meaningful encounters and sustainable change for the destinations we visit.

So what does the policy say, and how are we focusing on responsible travel?

  • Demonstrate responsible business planning and conduct
  • Protect minority and vulnerable groups
  • Support local economies
  • Respect and protect local cultures and customs
  • Protect the environment
  • Educate, inform and inspire
  • Strive for excellence

Find out more about our policy here

In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to this cause and hopefully inspire others to feel as strongly about it as we do, we have also created our own guide – The Art of Responsible Travel. We’ve summed up what it means to be a responsible traveller and neatly packaged it into three steps.

  • Prepare your Responsible Travel Toolkit
  • Adopt the four pillars of Responsible Travel
  • Take the Inspired Adventures Responsible Traveller Pledge

You can have a read of it here. 

Our charity challenges enable our participants to achieve their goal of making a difference by doing something inspiring in an incredible location  – but we want our adventurers to be much more than a tourist. We not only want to be a leader in responsible travel but we want to educate our participants and anyone who comes into contact with us in the importance of this cause.

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