We’re sure you’re already familiar with herbivores, carnivores and omnivores… but what about locavores?

The term “locavore” was first coined on world Environmental day in 2005 by chef, author and local food activist, Jessica Prentice. The word is used to describe conscious foodies who choose to eat and shop foods that have been grown or farmed locally and haven’t endured long distance transportation to where the food is being sold or prepared, usually within 160km of its point of purchase.

The Locavore movement has increased significantly in popularity – so much so, ‘locavore’ was chosen as New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of The Year in 2007.

So why is the locavore movement soaring? Well there are many benefits of a locavore diet! Here, we list some of our personal favourites:

Sensory Overload

Local food tastes better and ignites all of your senses. Have you ever sunk your teeth into a freshly picked strawberry? The shape, the taste and the culinary experience of eating local, fresh food triumphs supermarket produce, which has been imported and doused in a complex mixture of pesticides.

Increased Nutritional Value

Local food may have higher nutritional gain, as it is ready to consume shortly after harvest – unlike imported, store-bought food. Imported food is often harvested out of season and will lose much of its nutrients during its long distance travel around the world.

Supporting Your Local Economy

By purchasing food that has been produced locally, you’re supporting your local community, helping local farmers and producers to thrive and stay in business. If you are purchasing produce from a major supermarket, the money you spend leaves your local community as soon as the transaction is finalised.

Food Diversity and a Healthier Diet

When you purchase your fruit and vegetables from local growers or farmers markets, you are purchasing produce that is seasonal. Your cooking will be more diverse throughout the year and be more dependent on what produce comes into season.

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