Leave your expectations and preconceptions behind. A country of complete contradiction, China is inviting yet unfamiliar, modern yet steeped in tradition.

From simple rural villages to bustling urban cities, China simultaneously takes you back to a time of ancient civilisations and transports you to a technologically charged future. Beijing, the Forbidden City at its heart, is dominated by modern skyscrapers and crisscrossed by charming ancient alleyways, bustling with the vivacity of a thousand years’ past.

Skyscrapers make way for natural and ancient wonders as you travel beyond crowded cities. From vast deserts and snow-capped peaks, to boundless grasslands, voyage into the rich natural history of one of the world’s oldest continuous civilisations. Whether trekking the Great Wall or pondering the timeless expressions of the Terracotta Warriors, China is sure to inspire, excite and humble any visitor.