So you’re taking on an adventure to raise funds for a cause close to your heart – congratulations! Now all you need is to kick-start your fundraising efforts… but how? The idea of asking for donations from your friends may be a little out of your comfort zone – but fear not, because we have all been there. We know that taking the first steps into the world of fundraising can be intimidating, but the truth is fundraising can be –dare we say it– fun!

As a fundraiser, Facebook is perhaps one of the greatest tools at your disposal – particularly for getting donations from friends and family. Whether you’re new to Facebook or a confident long-time user, these tips will help you get the most out of Facebook to gain more donations.

1. Develop a stronger Facebook presence

If you use Facebook infrequently or are shy about posting updates, now is the time to change that! Without getting too technical, Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that any post you make will only be shown to some of your friends and if it receives a high level of engagement (likes and comments), it will feature in more of your friends’ newsfeeds. Facebook have their own reasons for doing this, but it can be tricky if you want to reach as many of your friends as possible. This means you will not only have post more, but be more strategic about your posting. How?

2. Reach out

As you share your post, message your close friends asking them to like and comment on it to help you out. This will hopefully boost your post so it is visible to more people. Starting with your close friends is less intimidating and they will be more than happy to help you (that’s what friends are for, right?)

3. Keep posts varied

You can update your friends on your training, fundraising events that you’re holding, or where you’re up to reaching your fundraising target. We encourage you to share photos or even videos about your progress. It doesn’t always have to be an ‘ask’. However, make sure that you’re still reminding people about the cause and that you are fundraising on behalf of a charity that is close to your heart. You can make requests for donations as much as you feel comfortable, and if people can see you working hard they are much more likely to support you with a donation.

4. Ask directly for a donation

As you become more confident in your fundraising, you can approach people personally through Facebook messenger. Email is still of course important, but Facebook messenger provides a sense of immediacy that email doesn’t quite have. You can also remind them of your progress; “I’m only $200 off my target of $3,500!” This might encourage them to give you that last kick towards your goal.

5. Publicly thank your supporters

A private thanks is always encouraged, but why not take the time to write a public post tagging those who have supported you – they will be grateful for the mention.

6. Organise your fundraising events

It’s quite likely that many of you will create an event on Facebook to promote your fundraising event. You can also reach out to your extended community and promote your event on your charity’s page or groups that support your charity (such as related pages).

Overall, Facebook is an excellent tool to help you request donations, organise your fundraising events and share your progress with your community. Use it wisely and it can really help you maximise your fundraising potential.

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