Name: Elizabeth Mallett (Lizzi)
Cause: NeuRA – (Neuroscience Research Australia).
Adventure: NeuRA Memory Cycle – Vietnam and Cambodia 2015 and Great Wall of China Discovery Trek 2016

Lizzi’s Inspired journey has been a beautiful one to be a part of. She overcame her doubts and fears, driven by the kindness offered to her by NeuRA to take a challenge that took her well outside her comfort zone. Lizzi is now training and fundraising for her second Inspired Adventure, heading to The Great Wall of China in April next year. If you are in need of some inspiration, her story is the one to read!


“My journey with NeuRA started twelve years ago when my dad was first diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and Fronto Temporal Dementia. I was only 15 years old at the time and had never heard of this disease. I was confused and scared for my dad, however, our medical researcher at NeuRA explained what was happening to my dad in a way that I could understand. Since then, NeuRA has been a huge support for my family during dad’s illness and after his passing seven years ago. I always wanted to do something more to help raise awareness and give back to NeuRA.

The first trip was the Memory Cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia. I was sceptical at first as I didn’t think I could raise the money being on my own in Sydney nor was I a cyclist. Who was going to be on the trip with me? And how can I keep up with them? So many doubts went through my head however I overcame these when I started my social media campaign and raised over $5,000. I managed to raise funds through emails and Facebook postings. I had a campaign where people donated $10 for each kilometre I rode for one day of the month. I clocked up my kilometres doing laps in Centennial Park in Randwick. When the time came to go on my trip, the group of people I was with were the most inspiring, caring and like-minded people, and I quickly realised that I was very lucky to be on this trip. Each day was harder than the last, but I stuck it out and managed to cycle the whole lot. It was determination but also mind over matter that got me through the distance. The team and I supported each other through the whole trip which has resulted in lasting friendships.

When the China trip came up, this seemed like a great trip to go on with my brother. After seeing what I achieved with my fundraising, he wanted to have a go and we thought we could do this trip together. I’m very excited to do the fundraising and the Great Wall of China trek with my family involved this time round as it’s a life changing experience that we can share together.

I have moved back to Perth and started organising events to raise the money. I figured that since I have exhausted the online option of fundraising that I would have better luck raising the money in events and it will be a lot more fun than sitting at home typing away at the computer. It gives us an opportunity to educate people about the diseases that affected our lives and the work that NeuRA does. Doing trips like these gets people interested and they start asking questions. I have had so many random people stop me and ask what it is I am doing (usually doing some random poses in my NeuRA top or cycling with my white bike) then this gives me a chance to explain my fundraising for NeuRA and what NeuRA’s research means to me.

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there to make a difference. Stepping out of my comfort zone and going on the cycle trip was the best thing I have done. It’s given me the courage and confidence to do crazy stunts that get people’s attention and allows me to spread the word and expose NeuRA to a whole range of people. Not only have I raised funds for NeuRA but I have educated people and become someone they can approach to talk to about dementia, MND, stroke, Alzheimers and you anything else you can name. Passion for your cause really makes a difference to how you fundraise as anyone can fundraise for anything these days. So bringing your heart and soul into it makes you stand out above the rest. Don’t be afraid to tell your story as you never know who is out there needing to hear it and wanting to speak to someone who will understand. We go on these trips to make a difference and in the end we do so one way or another.”

Lizzi and bike

As our Fundraiser of the Month, Lizzi has won a $50 donation to her fundraising page for NeuRA. If you would like to be our next Fundraiser or Adventurer of the Month, simply share your Inspired Journey on social media and tag #IveBeenInspired.

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