Natalie Merida

Cause: Miracle Babies Foundation
Adventure: Marathon for Miracles: TCS NYC Marathon 2018

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What motivated you to take on your Inspired Adventure?

A moment of misguided enthusiasm! I love Miracle Babies to bits. Our twins were born three months premature and it was a very scary time for all of us. Miracle Babies were there for me and my family, and I saw first hand, the support they provide other families time and time again. Doing this Inspired Adventure to raise money for the Miracle Babies Foundation is my way of saying thanks to Miracle Babies.

How are you feeling about the challenge ahead? Have you ever been to New York before?

Excited! Never been to New York and it’s been 4 years since I last went overseas, so I’m looking forward to everything. The travel, the race, going to a new place, the wine, the food, etc.

What have been some of the highlights of your Inspired journey so far?

So many highlights…
Reaching my fundraising target ($10,000) several months ahead of schedule. I have pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone and survived!
The overwhelming support and encouragement so people have given me and the cause. My heart is so touched my other people’s kindness and generosity.
Partnering with Dr Jim Lee, Sports Scientist from Jim’s Sports Lab. He is a great and supportive sports expert. I have also had the privilege road testing his cutting edge wearable sports technology as part my training.

"Doing this Inspired Adventure to raise money for the Miracle Babies Foundation is my way of saying thanks to Miracle Babies."

Do you have any tips for other people currently fundraising for their Inspired Adventure?

Keep going and keep asking. You are doing an amazing job!

Have you noticed any changes or transformation in your life since taking on your first adventure?

Yes, I have done and achieved things (fundraising-wise and physically) that I never thought I could do.

What advice would you offer to other people looking to complete a challenge like this?

Do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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