Karina & Natalie

Cause: Novita Children’s Services
Adventure: Trek for Kids Great Wall Challenge

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What inspired you to take on your challenge for Novita?

Karina: My cousin’s daughter was born with a disability and for more than 10 years I observed how the therapy and support Novita provided changed their lives and helped her achieve so much. I now work at Novita and I am inspired each day by the strength and determination of the clients and families. This makes me want to do more to help. I really enjoy being fit and active, and fundraising to buy gym equipment to help children with disability become physically active really resonated with me. This challenge presented me the perfect opportunity to combine my love of adventure and fitness with a cause I am incredibly passionate about.

How are you feeling about the challenge ahead? Have you ever been to China before? Or completed any big treks?

Karina: I am really excited about the challenge. I have met all the other trekkers and each are incredible and passionate people and I cant wait to experience this with them. This will be my first multi-day trek and while I have been embracing every opportunity to get outdoors and train for this I am a little nervous about the idea of climbing that many stairs. However I know it will absolutely be worth it to enjoy the incredible views from the Great Wall of China.

What have been some of the highlights of your fundraising experience so far?

Karina: Seeing how generous and supportive people can be. I have been honoured by the number of people willing to support me in this experience.

What have been your biggest challenges in taking on an Inspired Adventure? How did you overcome this?

Karina: It was stepping outside my comfort zone. I have never committed to any fundraising before and I was terrified at the thought of sharing my passion and asking for people to support me in this. I just knew that I really wanted to achieve this goal so every time I started thinking it was beyond me I talked to the children and families living with disability and this helped me to remember why I was doing this in the first place. My favourite saying has always been “don’t dream it, be it” now I realise that this means instead of sitting back and wishing I could make a difference – I am out there doing what it takes to make a difference.

Have you noticed any changes or transformation in your life since signing up for the trek?

Karina: There have been two significant changes since signing on for the trek. The first has been the feeling of confidence I have developed through this experience. At first I was terrified at the thought of fundraising but now I realise that by sharing my passion I can not only engage, but also inspire others. I have a renewed sense of belief that I can achieve what I decide too.

The other significant gain from this is recognising how it has created many shared experience and incredible memories with my children. My three children have become my training partners. We now share a love of the outdoors and they are always eager to come hiking.

What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming challenge?

Karina: Everything! I am really excited to spend 8 days with the incredible trekkers, experience the challenge of climbing the Great Wall and know that, when we reach highest peak that sense of having achieved something special, will be a feeling we all cherish. I cant wait to marvel in the stunning views along the Great Wall, experience the Chinese culture and learn more of their history.

What advice would you offer to other people looking to complete a challenge like this?

Karina: Do it. Find a cause you are passionate about and believe in your ability to achieve anything you are truly passionate about. The experience will give you so much more than you ever imagined. It is not easy but is absolutely worth it.

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