With the Christmas season fast approaching, the stress of gift giving is in full swing. This year, make it easy for your family and friends by asking them to donate in lieu of a gift, to your fundraising challenge.

Easy as 1...2...3!

Step One: Make the ask this Christmas
Show your friends and family your commitment to your challenge and decide to give this Christmas. Make this year’s gift, a gift to remember by getting your friends and family to donate to the cause you love most.

Step Two: Share the difference they would be making this Christmas
Share a link to your online fundraising page so that your friends and family can make a donation on the spot. Let your supporters know the difference their donation would make e.g $60 helps provide food hampers for families in need. Make sure to refer to the registration pack for a more personalised ask.

Step three: Send your supporters Christmas Well Wishes
Thank your supporters for their generous donation and let them know what their gift meant to you this Christmas. You may even reach your fundraising target.

Michelle's Fundraising Idea

What made you decide to make a donation in leiu of a gift? I saw my birthday as an opportunity for my children to get involved in my fundraising challenge, as well as a way to support CBM Australia.

Who did you ask? My Children

Have you done this before? No, I haven’t done this before. This challenge inspired me to give back on my birthday

How much did you raise? $600. I asked each child to give $100 and I have 6 children.

Why did you decide to apply this practise for Christmas? I believe giving is the purpose of Christmas. I’m quite blessed and didn’t feel like I needed anything more.

Any last words to inspire others to give this Christmas? It’s a great opportunity to give. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Michelle Christmas giving