At Inspired Adventures, we take pride in minimising our environmental and cultural impact on the places we find so wonderful.

And we want you to do the same.

So how can you travel in a responsible and sustainable way, while still getting the most from your destination? It’s easier than you think…

1. Expect and embrace differences

What may seem wild, exotic, or bizarre to you is everyday life to people living where you travel. When you visit another city, you visit someone’s home. Be a gracious guest. Learn as many phrases of the local language as possible and use them as often as you can. Find comedy in the misunderstandings and share a smile.

2. Keep children safe

You wouldn’t take photos of children in public without permission at home so you shouldn’t do it abroad. If you see children begging in the street or selling trinkets, resist the urge to give them money. Children should be in school, and unfortunately are too often sent out to collect money because of sympathetic tourists. Your money will only perpetuate the problem. Help by donating to established local or international aid organisations. We all have a shared responsibility to keeping children safe.

3. Respect the environment

Often, it is the stunning scenery and natural beauty that draw us to a destination. Do everything you can to protect the environment while travelling. Here are just few things you can easily do to make a difference:

  1. Buy refillable travel size bottles to avoid waste.
  2. Let hotel staff know that you’d like to reuse your towels and bed linen.
  3. Offset the carbon emissions of your flights.
  4. Use mass-transit, it’s more fun anyway!

4. Spend wisely

In many parts of the world, tourism accounts for most of the local economy. Where you spend your money matters. Choose locally owned guesthouses, independent retail stores, and local restaurants. Vote with your patronage. When shopping in local markets, remember that bargaining is often expected. The goal is to find a price that both the seller and buyer feel happy with.

Don’t let yourself get ripped off, but remember that 100 baht or rupee will probably mean much more to the seller than to you.

5. Educate yourself

Every place in the world has a unique story. Take the time before you go to read about the local history and customs. You’ll save yourself a few faux pas, and enrich your travels by knowing the story behind the attractions.

Feeling inspired?