Berlin’s blend of trend-setting glamour and historical highlights is guaranteed to enchant any traveller keen to explore its pulsating culture, amazing architecture, finger-licking good food, crazy clubs and tangible history.

It’s a popular destination for many travellers traversing across Europe and for a good reason. Its eclectic nature is bound to please all kinds of adventurers, from those who just want to chow down food all day every day, to those who want to get their party on, or those who want to immerse themselves in all the rich history and culture Berlin has to offer.

For Food: Farmers’ Markets

Want to know what gets cooked up in all the local kitchens? A trip to the farmers’ markets is a must for all gourmet and local delights. Kollwitplatz in Prenzlaurer Berg has an artisanal focus and is on every Thursday and Sunday. For a really colourful and vibrant Turkish market, head to the Kreuzberg market. Or, head to the nearby Markthalle Neun, a historic market hall that hosts produce vendors on Fridays and Saturdays, and fashionable foodies on Thursday nights.

For Old Berlin: Charlottenburg Palace and Gardens

For a true taste of old Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg and its adjoining gardens is a must-see. It is the grandest of Berlin’s surviving royal pads with a stunning palace park. Take a tour of the palace before having a spin around the sprawling palace park with its shady walkways dotted by beautiful trees, manicured lawns and pretty flower beds.

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For Shopping: Alexanderplatz

 Commonly referred to as ‘Alex’ to Berliners, if you’re keen to shop up a storm then Alexanderplatz is your new haven. Not only is it the ultimate shopping destination, layers upon layers of Berlin’s urban history is situated in Alexanderplatz, interlacing centuries of social, political and architectural history.

For History: Checkpoint Charlie

Although many people suggest that Checkpoint Charlie has deteriorated into a tourist trap (and to be honest, it really has), it’s still a place you must visit in Berlin. It was the main gateway for foreigners and diplomats between the two Berlins and is where the world stood on the edge of WWII when the US and Soviet tanks confronted each other in 1961.

For Art: East Side Gallery

 Home to the famous The Mortal Kiss artwork by Dimitri Vrubel, the East Side Gallery is the world’s largest open-air mural collection, splashed with an eclectic array of work that is sure to be appreciated by even those who don’t fancy themselves as ‘art people.’ The East Side Gallery has over 100 paintings by dozens of international artists, which is an illustration of the era’s global elation and hopefulness mixed with political statements, drug-induced paintings and highly creative visions.

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For A City Escape: Grunewald Forest

If you become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Berlin, a trip out to Grunewald Forest should be on your list. It’s the perfect spot to take a good snap or to have a picnic by the lake. You can catch the U-Bahn out there and take a scenic 25-minute stroll through the forest to get to the centre of it.

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