The Otis Foundation provides retreat accommodation at no cost to those dealing with the challenges of breast cancer.

We aim to provide immediate relief to people who need a short-term break away.

The hundreds of guests who take advantage of The Otis Foundation’s retreat accommodation each year consider the organisation an amazing gift at a time when they need it the most. Providing them an opportunity to take a break away with loved ones – an opportunity to relax, reconnection and create special memories together.

The Foundation currently has properties in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory and is strongly committed to ongoing growth.

Each retreat has been donated for its location, in a beautiful environment which allows guests to draw on nature for strength and comfort.

Anyone who has faced the challenges of dealing with breast cancer is eligible to stay at an Otis retreat, along with their partner, family or friends.

“As a breast cancer survivor myself I know the immeasurable value of providing free retreat accommodation for those effected by breast cancer. To allow time to reconnect with loved ones and make lasting memories is what The Otis Foundation is all about. Every week our waiting list grows and the funds raised will help us to provide more gifted stays to reduce the psychological impacts of breast cancer. With every dollar raised we can together gift the Otis experience to even more of those in need.” — Claire Culley, CEO




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