Women’s Justice Network believes all women deserve to have a brighter future.

We advocate for women and female youth in the criminal justice system to live free from violence and discrimination, benefit from adequate living standards, and be treated with dignity and respect.

WJN’s goal is to empower women to lead crime-free lives and become contributing members of their community. We use a strength-based, woman-centred and trauma-informed approach to supporting women to regain control of their lives. Our mentoring program matches women and female youth leaving prison or at-risk of going to prison with trained volunteer mentors to help them reintegrate back into the local community and provide essential individualised case management support. The mentoring program is proven to reduce rates of recidivism and ultimately reduce crime. To date, the program has had a 93% success rate for women not returning to prison who have been in the program for 1 year or more.



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