Cradle Mountain sits in the stunning Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area and is one of Australia’s premier trekking destinations.

Rocky mountain peaks, buttongrass moorlands, glacial lakes, waterfalls and dense rainforest are hallmarks of this natural haven.

On this adventure, you’ll spend five-days trekking a variety of trails around the Cradle Mountain Village area. From easy exploration walks to day-long hikes up to lookouts, you’ll discover the Tasmanian wilderness up close on this unforgettable adventure.

Adventure duration

5-day adventure

Challenge duration:

5-day challenge

Physical challenge grade:

Moderate 3/5


Twin-share in 3-star hotel and comfortable cabins


  • Spend five days immersed in the inimitable beauty of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain National Park
  • Hike up Cradle Mountain to Kitchen Hut, passing the breathtaking Lake Lilla and Crater Lake on the way
  • Explore variety of rainforest, waterfalls, and spot wombats grazing on grassy plains in Cradle Valley