Discover the beauty of Tasmania’s wild west coast and ancient Tarkine rainforest

The words pristine, enchanting, lush and untouched describe so much of Australia’s fabulous natural heritage.

Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness sits easily within this realm and a more exceptional place where you can observe the workings of nature as they have operated for millennia is hard to find. The Tarkine is simply one of the most inspiring locations found anywhere in the world.

Spending time in its heart on this seven day adventure will transport you to a time when Australia was a part of Gondwanaland. From your starting point at Launceston to Corinna, Mt Donaldson, Strahan and beyond, you will experience all the mystery and majesty the Tarkine has to offer.

Adventure duration

7-day adventure

Challenge duration:

7-day challenge

Physical challenge grade:

Moderate 3/5


Twin-share in lodge-style accomodation


  • Experience the majestic Tarkine rainforest and Tasmania’s wild west coast
  • Cruise the Pieman and Gordon Rivers to the untouched Tarkine coast
  • Explore the giant forests and pristine rivers of an ecosystem that has remained relatively unchanged since the days of Gondwana