Help Edgar’s Mission create a kinder world for farmed animals

Journeying through Gunung Leuser National Park—the last sanctuary of the Sumatran orangutan—over four days you will trek through dense, enveloping jungle on the lookout for reclusive orangutans, gibbons, hornbills and other incredible animals.

As you make your way deeper into the jungle, the songs of native birds will grow louder and you will begin to feel as much a part of this unique ecosystem as the tall trees and native wildlife around you. At night, you’ll camp under the stars, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the rainforest.

As part of this challenge, you will have the opportunity to visit the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) in Medan, whose vision is to prevent the extinction of the Sumatran orangutan. Since 1999, hundreds of orangutans have been brought to the centre, and more than 220 have been reintroduced into the wild. Here, you will hear from staff about the long-term protection of wild Sumatran orangutan populations through rescue, rehabilitation, habitat protection and education.

Best of all, the funds you raise in this challenge will help us provide life-long love and care to over 450 rescued farm animals at our farm sanctuary in Lancefield, Victoria.

Are you ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime and help us create a kinder world for animals?

Help Edgar’s Mission create a kinder world for farmed animals

The funds raised on this Inspired Adventure will help Edgar’s Mission give our farmed animals the chance at the happy and long lives they deserve. It will contribute to the ongoing care and treatment of our residents and new arrivals, especially those in critical condition and with greater needs. The impact on our organisation will be immense—Edgar’s Mission receives no government funding and so relies on public donations.

With over 450 animals in our care and more arriving every week, our vet bill alone last year was close to $200,000. One of our residents, Charity Sheep, was born with three deformed cloven hooves and so needs to wear prosthetics to have the freedom of movement that makes her life worth living. Max, an ageing pig, has increasing needs as an animal selectively bred to grow big and fast. While Gloria Goat, prior to her rescue, sustained severe injuries to her face from a predator attack. As a result, she has had facial reconstruction surgery and requires regular check-ups.

In all of these cases, Edgar’s Mission has gone beyond what’s commonplace for farmed animals and provided the care they truly deserve. This is what we do day-by-day, and it’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we can continue moving mountains for animals.

Help Edgar’s Mission create a kinder world for farmed animals

Dates: 1 October – 9 October 2018
Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable)
Fundraising target: $3,500 (excludes travel)
Travel cost: $2,499* (including taxes), flights not included
Trip duration: 9 days
Challenge duration: 4 days
Accommodation: Twin-share in hotels, lodges and at comfortable campsites
Minimum age: 18 (younger ages considered on application)

*Subject to change

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