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Reduce your carbon footprint

What can you do simply and cheaply to make a more positive impact on our environment? The answer is reducing your carbon footprint. We know it sounds hard and costly. But in reality it is actually easy and may even save you a few dollars.

So how can you save a tonne (literally) of carbon? Follow these five simple steps…


1. Recycling helps you meditate on your waste consumption

The barrier to recycling is the separation of cardboard, plastics and glass (and rinsing!). It is tedious. Confusing. What goes where? Does this plastic qualify?

Recycling increases your problem solving skills and helps you truly see the amount of waste you are giving back to the Earth. Understanding this will help you reduce your packaged goods consumption. The less packaged goods you buy, the less time you will have to spend recycling. Win–win, really.

500kg carbon reduced each year

2. Replace coffee cups and plastic bottles with the reusable kind

Carrying a reusable cup and water bottle around can leave you looking a little like you’re on a very special adventure (possibly with Gandalf). Roadblock two is when you have to rinse your reusable cup between morning and mid-morning coffees. New school of thought… Washing your reusable cup is an excuse to leave your desk (even if only for five minutes) and carrying around a litre of water could technically be counted as weightlifting. Exercise achieved!

120kg carbon reduced each year

3. Say no to fast fashion 

Our consumer decisions affect people all around the world. The need to have the latest look is creating unnecessary waste and often our new kicks aren’t from ethical sources. For your next shopping spree, why not get your stylish friends together and swap! Alternatively, pop into an op-shop or visit a local market. The stigma of second-hand clothing is fading fast and there is nothing better than bagging a bargain.

100kg carbon reduced each year

4. When you sleep, let your devices sleep too

We all need sleep, even our poor iPhones. Once you’ve had your fill of new knowledge, social interaction or funny cat memes, tuck your devices in for the night. That means power down and turn off at the powerpoint. You will have a great (undisturbed) sleep knowing you’re contributing to carbon change.

90kg carbon reduced each year

5. Eat your leftovers and shop from the fridge

You’ve made a delicious meal. Well done. You’ve packed up the leftovers. Super well done. The leftovers sit in the fridge for a month. Fail. Before you shop, take note of what’s in your fridge and make a plan to repurpose it into another delicious meal. At the very least, the meatloaf that may be too far gone for you to eat might make the perfect dinner for your dog.

200kg carbon reduced each year

Congratulations! In five easy steps you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by almost a tonne. Keep up the good work!