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25 million raised since 2004!

We are excited to announce $25,964,974 raised since the beginning of Inspired Adventures! We could not have achieved this incredible milestone without the participants, donors, corporations and charities who are part of the Inspired family. Here are some of the top destinations, charities and challenges that have made this ongoing journey a huge success:

Top five destinations

Great Wall of China: $4,133,452
Mount Kilimanjaro: $4,031,681
Vietnam and Cambodia cycles: $3,656,408
New York Marathon: $2,375,101
Kokoda trek: $2,305,032

Top 5 charity causes we have helped fund

Cancer: $5,561,159
Aid and development: $4,910,129
Hospitals and care organisations: $3,641,563
Human rights, social justice and welfare: $3,081,133
General health: $2,700,261

Notable challenges by cause

Cancer: NBCF Steps Towards a Cure Great Wall Challenge 2016 $295,223
Aid and Development: UNICEF Climb for Kids Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014 $292,606
Hospitals and care organisations: Mater Foundations Climb for Cancer 2012: $330,000
Human rights, social justice and welfare: Amnesty International Australia New York Marathon 2013: $186,734
General health: Heart Foundation New York Marathon 2007: $250,000
Homelessness: Wayside Chapel Kilimanjaro 2013: $192,000
Schools and universities: University of Newcastle Great Wall 2015: $80,498
Veterans: Soldier On New York Marathon 2016: $36,980
Indigenous Rights: Indigenous Community Volunteers Larapinta Trek 2012: $60,199
Mental health: Kids Helpline Climb for Kids 2011: $150,000
Environment and Conservation: Climate Council Kimberley Challenge 2015: $109,062
Disability services: Guide Dogs ACT/NSW Kilimanjaro 2012: $113,665
Animals: Taronga Centenary Sumatran Challenge 2016: $128,453

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