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Fundraisers of The Month: Sonia & Charlton Braganza

Sonia & Charlton Braganza

Cause: Edgar’s Mission
Adventure: Edgar’s Mission Trek for Kindness Sumatra 2018

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What inspired you to sign up to the Sumatra Trek for Edgar's Mission?

We have been volunteering at Edgar’s Mission for the last 3 years and it’s had a huge impact on our lives. We love travelling, and over the last few years, we have been looking for ways to make our travels more meaningful. When this came along it was the perfect catalyst to allow us to combine two of our passions – Edgar’s Mission and travel together. This trek also gives us the opportunity to see first hand, the impacts that palm oil has had on this amazing part of the world. Through this trek, we are hoping to raise awareness for Edgar’s Mission and the rainforests. Through our eyes and experiences on this journey we are hoping to connect with peoples hearts and minds.

How are you feeling about the challenge ahead and what are you most looking forward to?

To be honest, it’s a mixture of things! We are feeling pretty pumped!! It’s something new to us, it’s daunting and we know it will be tough, but we are really excited!

What were some of your more successful fundraising ideas?

We decided our major fundraiser would be a “dinner dance’ with a full Sri Lanken plant-based buffet, live band etc. We thought it would be easy… 3 weeks out we thought we would have to cancel with only 30 tickets bought in a venue that held nearly 200! But we somehow persevered and within those 3 weeks, we went from 30 people to 170 people!! It was incredible! We had to close the ticketing early and even had people calling right up until the start of the event asking for tickets! It was such an awesome night, as we got to share with 170 people the amazingness that is Edgar’s Mission, and how and why Edgar’s Mission has changed our lives. The event gave us the chance to introduce people to another way of thinking about things in a more conscious, kinder way. We also were able to share the deliciousness that is Sri Lanken food, and people were blown away with the variety and (spiciness) that plant-based food can offer!
The vibe through the whole night was happiness and you could feel it throughout the whole venue, which was just awesome! We ended up raising nearly $6K just from this night alone!

The whole journey in fundraising has taught us so many amazing life lessons. We went from thinking “what did we get ourselves into” as raising 7,000 was really daunting. We moved from a place of doubting ourselves to believing in ourselves. It really reiterated that if you are passionate about something and put your all into it, it radiates and people will connect and want to be part of your journey!

We had so many people on the night and after ask if we could do the event again! Maybe a change in career is on the horizon!

"Through this trek, we are hoping to raise awareness for Edgar’s Mission and the rainforests."

Have you noticed any changes in your life since taking on your first adventure?

This is our first one, and it has already changed our lives. It has really showed us a side and part of ourselves that we didn’t know was there. In just two months we decided upon and somehow executed our main event. From planning and approaching business for donations and prizes to designing and doing the event set up, we really had to put ourselves out there in ways we never would have. Throughout the journey, we have made connections with amazing people and businesses that we will no doubt continue with. Through the challenges, highs, lows and thrills of this journey, we have grown so much and it has helped us realise that even with all the bad that happens in the world, there are just as many people doing good, spreading light and being the change they want to see in the world!

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