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11 Tips for a more comfortable flight

We love a good challenge, but flights can certainly be gruelling. Whether you’re flying for an hour, or 37 hours, there are simple ways to improve your flight experience and arrive fresh and energised. Here are our top 11 flight tips:

Set your watch

Set your watch to the time zone you’re going to enter. This helps your body and mind prepare. Pro tip: Work out a sleep schedule for your flight. If you’re going to arrive late at night then try to stay awake towards the end of your flight and vice versa.

Water over wine

Nothing beats a glass of wine to calm the nerves before a flight… except being adequately hydrated! (You will thank yourself later). The free alcohol on international flights is a lovely perk. In saying that, you need to stay hydrated if you want to feel okay the next day. Also try to avoid coffee and carbonated drinks whilst in the air. Pro tip: Take your own water bottle. This way your hydration isn’t dependent on the refreshment trolley.

Pole position

Ask to sit at the front of the plane, this means you’ll be fed first (and have a choice of meals before the good option runs out). It also means you’ll be able to get off the plane first!

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Do you suffer from dry skin and chapped lips on the plane? It can get uncomfortable after a while! The air that is circulating through the plane can be quite drying on the skin, so be sure to have chapstick and moisturiser on hand and apply every few hours.

Reclining etiquette

When flying in cramped economy, that recline button can be an absolute savior. However, there are rules to follow. Sit back up at meal times and if the person before you is using their tray, let them know you’re about to push back; this avoids squished hands and you also get to meet your neighbour.

Compression socks

This might seem like a strange survival tip, but these socks are amazing! Say goodbye to swollen legs and feet after a long flight. You can pick up a pair at most chemists and you won’t regret it.

Move it!

Get up and keep your blood flowing! It doesn’t need to be much; just have a little wander on your way to the bathroom and then a nice stretch before going back to your seat.

Plane clothes

Yes, this is a category of clothing and I encourage you to fall deeply in love with it. Say no to jeans and tight jackets. Now is the time for you to bring out your comfortable pants and settle in. Pro tip: If you’re going on an adventure make sure to take your trekking boots on the plane with you. That way, even if your luggage is delayed your adventure is not!

Dinner time

Unlike many people, I actually enjoy plane food. I think it’s the surprise of what the food trolley holds. However, if you are like the masses make sure that you bring a few of your favourite snacks for the flight. This is especially important if you have any special dietary requirements as we all know those meals can be less than desirable.

Control your sound

The headphones provided by the airline are always notoriously bad, so I would encourage you to invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones before you fly. Pro tip: Earplugs are a great investment to block out background noise whilst you’re trying to sleep.

Carry a pen and take a photo of your important documents

This will make those pesky arrival cards all the more easier to fill out. Pro tip: fill the cards out as soon as they are handed out. This way you won’t be scrounging around for your flight number whilst you’re going through customs.