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How to start fundraising: A kickstart guide

Are you about to start a fundraising adventure challenge? Or perhaps you are simply looking to raise money for a cause you are passionate about. Fundraising can be hard work, but once you gain momentum the sky really is the limit with how much money you can raise! Here are five tips to help get your fundraising off to a good start.

Step 1: First things first; time to get the ball rolling

Studies show that people rarely want to be the first one to do something. This goes for fundraising, too. When you start your page, make the first contribution to get your fundraising off to a good start. Keep in mind, people don’t often want to make a smaller donation than the previous one. Your contribution will set a standard for others to follow and they are more likely to get involved.

Step 2: Write an email and remember to include the “Why”

Your friends and family need to know why this matters to you. For your online fundraising page, create a personalised story – why you signed up for this adventure and why you are supporting the cause. Use this and the case for support letter to write an email to send to your network.

Step 3: Start with your closest network

No surprise here, but it is always best to start by emailing your closest contacts, as these are the people who are most likely to donate. Speak to them first or send them a quick message to let them know what you are doing. Once you’ve built momentum with your inner circle, you can use the email template you wrote to reach out to your extended network. Remember to take the time to personalise your email for greater impact.

Step 4: Share to your broader network on social media

Once you have reached out to your closest friends and family and emailed your other contacts, it’s time to utilise social media to the max! Write a short post on Facebook tagging and thanking the people who have already donated and include the link to your fundraising page so that those who haven’t donated can see that people are already getting behind you. Remember, only around 10% of your Facebook friends will see your post, so it is worth sharing it several times during the course of your fundraising.

Step 5: Follow up with email

Emails are easy to overlook! Think about it, how many emails do you receive per day, both at work and in your personal inbox? The best way to follow up with email is to keep the people updated with your fundraising progress. Let them know when you are $200 off your goal or you have raised 75% of your fundraising target. Ask your supporters if they can help you to get you to the next milestone.

And most importantly…

Always acknowledge and thank those who donate to you. As more people get behind you, keep sharing your progress via email and social media. Those who’ve shown their support want to know how you are going, and where their money will go.

Feeling inspired?

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