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Beautiful, Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Ah, Mother’s Day. What a lovely chance to show your mum how much you appreciate her. And while you can surely send a bouquet with a card, we’ve got a few ideas below for something a little more sustainable, and, we think, exciting. Read on!

Dumbo Feather's Mother's Day Box

Dumbo Feather are one of our fellow BCorps producing a great quarterly magazine and an online community highlighting inspiring human stories. They’ve done us all a favour by packaging up some of their favourite BCorp certified gifts into this lovely Mother’s Day box.

A reusable coffee cup

Mum loves a good cuppa does she? A reusable coffee cup could be the perfect gift. There are now many companies selling beautiful, customisable cups to choose from. We love our B Corp friends KeepCup who have a special edition keep cup + Kester Black* nail polish set (pictured). You could also check out, Joco or frank green.

*Kester Black are an Aussie BCorp making high quality, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics. They’re great!

thankyou's Mother's Day pack

Thankyou. – The Melbourne-based company funding water and sanitation products through their product sales – have a beautiful selection of gift sets to pamper your number one lady. Plus shipping is free!

Send a succulent or a herb pot

If you want something that lasts a bit longer, you can send succulents or even a pot of herbs which are beautiful and useful! Growing Gifts have a great range of both and delivery Australia-wide.  Left it a bit late? Little Succers deliver Sydney wide same-day for orders placed before 11AM.

Your time!

The most sustainable gift of all will require no raw materials, no production, no shipping, and no packaging. Give your time! If you live near enough to your mother to meet up with her, why not take her for a walk and pack a picnic, catch a movie together, attend a class or workshop, teach her your favourite craft or have her teach you hers?

If your mum lives far away, why not handmake a card to send her? You could write all the things she’s taught you and that you appreciate about her, or give her a heartfelt call and do the same. Remember, it’s about showing your mother how much she means to you, which has no price tag.