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Adventurer of the Month – Andrew McLeish

Andrew McLeish

Cause: Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation
Adventure: London Marathon 2017
Fundraising Page: everydayhero.com/andrew
Social: @haggisrunstolondon

As our Adventurer of the Month, Andrew has scored himself a $100 Paddy Pallin voucher! To be our next month’s winner, make sure you’re uploading your journey to social and use the hashtag #IveBeenInspired.

What inspired you to take on your Inspired Adventure with Perth Children's Hospital?

What inspired me to take the adventure was a love for running. The charity is also very close to my heart. Having two young daughters and knowing the great work Perth Children’s Hospital is doing, it was hard to resist the challenge. I am looking forward to seeing London for the first time and meeting new friends.

How are you feeling about the challenge ahead?

I am excited about the challenge ahead, I am learning so much about raising the money! It’s only early on for fundraising but my highlights so far would be some of the comments left on my fundraising page from friends that have children in and out of the hospital regularly. It really makes me want to smash the $10,000 target!

What have been your biggest challenges in taking on an Inspired Adventure? How did you overcome this?

The biggest challenges so far are fitting in full-time work, spending time with my family, running 70k a week and dedicating time to organise events for PCH. But I just set the alarm for 3:30 am and enjoy getting extra hours out of the day!

Sprint to the finish of freo half marathon. 🏃

A photo posted by Andy Mcleish (@haggisrunstolondon) on

Have you noticed any changes or transformation in your life since taking on your first adventure?

The biggest change from taking on this event would be I have lost about 12kg. I am also eating healthier.

What advice would you offer to other people looking to complete a challenge like this?

The advice I would offer to others taking on an adventure would be to choose a charity that is close to your heart – enjoy and be inspired by what you are going to achieve!

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