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4 Ways to Get into the Adventurous Spirit

Whether you are three weeks or three months away from your next big adventure, it’s never too early to get into an adventurous spirit. Humans are creatures of habit and when we are in one place long enough, we naturally fall into a routine. When we travel, everything is new and exciting – but if we are not used to all the novelty, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are five things you can do to help build up your adventurous side so that you have an amazing and authentic experience abroad.

1. Be curious and rediscover your neighbourhood

Spend an afternoon in your neighbourhood and go into shops, cafes or bars with the intention of meeting people and learning something new. Every person and business has a story, which is woven into the fabric of your neighbourhood. Take time to ask about, listen and enjoy the stories that define a place. Learn this skill now and when you’re on your adventure, you will truly be able to know a place rather than just skim its surface.

2. Host a traveller in your home

Australia is home to over half a million backpackers and long-term travellers from all over the world. Speaking from experience, most of these travellers are on a strict budget and would like a free or cheap place to spend the night. Chances are, you could find someone from your next travel destination and get a local’s perspective before you leave on your next adventure. A meal and a couch to sleep on is a small price to pay for knowledge that you might find indispensable on your next adventure.

If you’re planning on hosting someone in your house, use a site like couchsurfing.com so that you can see reviews from previous hosts to ensure a safe experience.

3. Broaden your pallet

Depending on where your next adventure is, you might be in a situation where you are expected to eat some funky stuff. So that you’re not caught off guard when you start your adventure, try going to a home-style restaurant of your travel destination’s origin. Can’t find one? Don’t worry. Just make it a habit to push your culinary comfort zone by trying new foods and you’ll do much better enjoying the cuisine abroad.

4. Start recording your life now

When I started traveling, I thought that I would be doing so many interesting things that the pictures would take themselves that I would have pages to write about all my adventures. However, after a long day of traveling, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep because I was so exhausted. Build the habit of recording your life now and it will be more natural on your next adventure. This will also encourage you to do more things worth taking pictures of and writing about.

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