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Spellbinding Sumatra in pictures

On what other adventure can you journey through Gunung Leuser National Park—the last sanctuary of the Sumatran Orang-utan? On this amazing adventure, over three days you will trek through dense, enveloping jungle on the lookout for reclusive orang-utans, gibbons and hornbills and other incredible creatures. Exploring this unique ecosystem, you’ll learn all about the native flora and fauna that inhabits this incredible jungle. And, to conclude your jungle adventure, you’ll tube down river rapids to Bukit Lawang. What more could you want out of an adventure?

Day 1, Medan – Bukit Lawang

Taronga Sumatra 2015_P1060762

Today we head to Bukit Lawang, part of Gunung Leuser National Park—the last sanctuary of the Sumatran orang-utan. We will walk along the riverbank and trek amidst dense jungle until we reach the viewing platforms where we can watch orang-utans feeding.

Trekking time: 1 hour

 Day 2, Bukit Lawang – Adi Black

day 2Today we begin our trek with a deep ascent through the mountainous Gunung Leuser National Park, enjoying the spectacular views en route. Throughout the day we will learn about jungle life, from the medicinal qualities of plants to gathering food. Tonight we camp under the stars, enveloped by dense vegetation, listening to the sounds of the night jungle.

Trekking time: 6 hours

Day 3, Adi Black – Jamur Batu Atas

Taronga Sumatra 2015_P1070065Today we trek through dense jungle and between towering trees. The track can be uneven, so we will trek slowly, tackling the steep ascents and descents together. Be sure to keep an eye out for orang-utans, gibbons and hornbills. You may even spot some of the shier wildlife, including the Sumatran striped rabbit and a variety of birds and butterflies.

Trekking time: 6 hours

Day 4, Jamur Batu Atas – Aras Pinang – Bukit Lawang


On our last day of trekking, we rise early and pack up camp. As we trek, our guide will point out the telltale signs of orang-utans and the other amazing animals that call this jungle home. Arriving in Aras Pinang at noon, we jump on a floating tube and ride the river back to Bukit Lawang.

Trekking time: 4 hours

Day 5, Bukit Lawang – Tangkahan

day 5

This morning we explore Bukit Lawang, before transferring to Tangkahan. Part of Gunung Leuser National Park, Tangkahan is famous for its elephants and wild jungle. The afternoon is yours to enjoy.

Day 6, Tangkahan

day 6

Today we visit the villages of Tangkahan to meet local families before exploring the waterfall that feeds the Buluh River. In the evening, we return to our lodge for dinner.

 Day 7, Tangkahan – Medan

day 7

This morning we head back to Medan, Sumatra’s major metropolis and Indonesia’s third largest city, where we partake in a city tour beginning at Maimoon Palace. Built by Sultan Makmun Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah between 1887 and 1891, the palace is popular not only for its historical heritage, but also for its unique interior design mixing the elements of Malay, Islam, Spanish, Indian and Italian architecture. After, we explore the Grand Mosque, Chinese temples and remaining Dutch colonial buildings. Tonight we enjoy a final dinner as a group dinner to celebrate a successful adventure.

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How to Take Travel Photos

 Okay, you have your camera in hand, ready to capture the amazing adventure ahead, but you have no idea what you’re doing? Read ahead! We’ll help you take stunning photos to document your trip!

Streets of Ollantaytambo, Cuzco_shutterstock_132395246 2

Before you go

  • Learn how to use your camera. Seriously. Read the entire owner’s manual and look up how-to’s online. These new digital cameras on the market can do crazy things. You want the picture more red? Antique-looking? Landscape? 10 shots in a row with one click? Black and white except for the color green? Motion-sensitive? Knowing what features your camera has will give you the confidence to take bold and experimental photos.
  • Clean your camera lens. A dirty camera lens will mess up all of your shots.
  • Charge your battery! And take your battery charger with you on the trip. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery power right when the sun sets across the vast Kenyan landscape.
  • If it’s a new camera, play with it. Shoot from different angles and with different lighting. Get comfortable with your camera before stepping on board the plane.


When shooting

  • Get people in the photo. You’ll want to remember the beautiful landscape, sure, but you’ll also want to remember the amazing friend you made while standing on top of Mt. Everest.
  • When you’re shooting people, frame them to the left or right of center. You want to get the atmosphere in the photo.

pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela_shutterstock_61816402 copy

  • If you’re shooting landscape, keep it wide. You can always crop the photo later. It’s better to get more now.
  • Speaking of getting more, take A LOT of photos! It’s digital. It’s free. Keep clicking. You will never regret taking more photos; you will always regret not getting that picture of the cute elephant playing in the stream.
  • Action shots are hard to get, but when you can capture them, it’s golden. When shooting action, set the ISO high (800 or 1600) to minimise blur.
  • Get the best shot you can get. Sometimes that perfect shot won’t be at eye level and you’ll have to bend down on the ground or climb up in a tree: DO IT! You’ll thank yourself later.


Feeling inspired?

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