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Adventurer of the Month – Robyn James

Robyn James

Cause: Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Adventure: PMH Foundation NYC Marathon
Fundraising Page: https://pmhfoundationnycmarathon2016.everydayhero.com/au/robyn
Social: @running_towards_ny/

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What inspired you to take on your Inspired Adventure with the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation?

It’s my 30th birthday this year and I really wanted to do something special because I’ve never celebrated a birthday before. I started running in 2015 and decided I would tick off 30 with a marathon! I really wanted to run the NYC marathon but couldn’t justify doing it just for me so I went on a hunt for a cause to be a part of. PMHF has touched so many Western Australian Families and does SO much good for the kids in WA as soon as I saw they had a team I had to be a part of it.

How are you feeling about the challenge ahead? Have you ever run a marathon before?

NYC will be my first marathon! I have run a number of halves but have never fully committed before. I’m so excited with the fundraising aspect. I feel like I have been working towards this since November 2015 and by the time the NYC marathon rolls around it will be a huge celebration for the work I have done physically and the results we have achieved for PMH Foundation.

What have been some of the highlights of your fundraising experience so far?

Seeing the community come together. There is so much negativity in Western Australia right now, so many families are really struggling in our economic climate and yet they are digging deep and helping in anyway they can. It’s not just monetary donations; families have donated clothing for a clothes swap; cakes have been baked and donated, businesses have donated their services … it’s really nice to be a part of something.

"It takes a lot of attention and a lot of noise. And you can’t do it alone! I have a little army of family and friends who are helping me spread the word."

What have been your biggest challenges in taking on an Inspired Adventure? How did you overcome this?

I am really shy. I don’t like a lot of attention and I am uncomfortable in the spotlight and I really don’t like asking for help. I’ve had to move past all of that and focus on the cause and doing what I can to bring it into focus. You can’t just quietly raise $10,000. It takes a lot of attention and a lot of noise. And you can’t do it alone! I have a little army of family and friends who are helping me spread the word.

What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming adventure?

Running through NYC! I love everything about New York. I literally am counting down the days until November 6!

What advice would you offer to other people looking to complete a challenge like this?

Just do it! Don’t think about how hard it will be, don’t worry about that big figure at the end. It’s just like running…one step at a time and each step moves you forwards. Trust yourself because if you want to make it happen, it will happen!

"Trust yourself because if you want to make it happen, it will happen!"

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What it’s like to run a half marathon

The thought of running a marathon or even a half marathon is daunting for many. However, running your first half marathon or marathon is not impossible, and at the finish line, all the hard work you put in will be overwhelmingly rewarding. Inspired’s very own Charlie Bartlett, Fundraising Coordinator extraordinaire, recently took on her first half-marathon and surprisingly loved it. Who knew that was possible?! We spoke to Charlie to get the low-down on what it really takes to run a half marathon.

So Charlie, how long have you been running for?

Charlie: I have always been sporty and love my team sports but was not hugely into running. But after finishing university I found running to be very accessible and this is when I really picked it up.

Why did you start running?

Charlie: I feel so much better after I have been on a run. It is a great way to clear your mind and I normally go in my lunch break, so I come back feeling much more energized and ready for the second half of the day. It improves my mood and my health so it’s a win-win really!

“There’s no feeling quite like it!”

What made you decide to run a half marathon?

I was actually inspired by the people I work with as a Fundraising Coordinator at Inspired. I coach people who are taking on an adventure or a marathon to reach their fundraising and training goals.  I’m always encouraging them to push out of their comfort zone, really commit to their training and seeing what they achieve when they put their minds to it. This is what motivated me to take on a half marathon.

How did you train?

Charlie: To be honest, I did not have a specific training plan other than to go on runs as often as I could and for as long as I could. It would be about 8kms during the week, and longer runs around 14kms on the weekend. I feel like I got a pretty good finish time for my first attempt, but I would definitely like to focus on the training a little more for my next one! My marathon runners are all giving me tips already!

What’s the best thing to eat before and after a run?

Charlie: I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana with a coffee. Anything that will give you fuel and energy but won’t sit heavily in your stomach is good! I had to get up super early to eat though to make sure I had time to digest my breakfast, as I hate running on a full stomach. Once I finished, I drank a lot of water – hydration is really important!

How did you feel after completing your first half marathon?

Tired but completely amazing! There’s no feeling quite like it!

Any plans to tackle a full marathon?

Charlie: I am in awe of people who run full marathons. They’re so long! It’s definitely something I would love to work towards. I’d maybe like to run the Berlin Marathon, as it’s such an awesome city! Or the London Marathon, which is back in my homeland!

Feeling inspired?

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