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Jane Delahay’s “The Leap Year”
A breast cancer story

“You have breast cancer” No one ever wants to hear those words, but on 22 February 2016, I was told this devastating news and it changed my life”Jane Delahay

Jane's story

I first spoke to Jane in September 2016, six months after her breast cancer diagnosis. She had contacted Inspired Adventures following the launch of Breast Cancer Network Australia’s Tuscany trek and I could instantly tell that Jane was an incredibly special woman, whose kindness and warmth was unmistakable.

I couldn’t wait for Jane to begin her Inspired Adventures journey (although I know she hates the word ‘journey’!) and over the next 8 months I got to know Jane more and more in the lead up to her adventure, which saw her trek across the Tuscan countryside for 8 days alongside 19 other woman who had all dedicated 2016 to raising money to support all Australians with breast cancer. In total, the team raised over $100,000, with Jane raising close to $7,000.

Following BCNA’s trek, Jane felt inspired to fulfil her dream of becoming an author, and has now written a book about twenty women trekking in the Tuscan countryside. Jane’s book ‘The Leap Year’ was published just before Christmas.

The Leap Year is a beautiful, inspiring and humorous read about Jane’s rollercoaster of a year. Jane offers a rare insight into breast cancer diagnosis and the full range of emotions that go with it. Although each person’s experience is unique, Jane has done an outstanding job of providing insight into the experience that so many Australians face following the words ‘You have breast cancer’

Jane refused to let her diagnosis stop her and she instead used it as a catalyst to take on new experiences. As Jane explains  “This story is about how my life changed in an instant, how I finally found what I was supposed to do. Breast Cancer had given me a chance to start again and I had to decide what I wanted from my life.”

Inspired Adventures is so proud of Jane for following her dreams and being such an inspiration for everyone in the office. If you’re looking for your next read, please don’t go past The Leap Year. The Leap Year can be ordered online by visiting Jane’s website. It is also available Kindle.

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Fundraiser of the Month – Katrina Dupree

Katrina Dupree

Cause: Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)
Adventure: BCNA’s Tuscany Trek
Fundraising Page: gofundraise.com/page/katrinadupree
Social: @katiedu_pree

As our Fundraiser of the Month, Katrina has scored herself a $50 donation to her fundraising page. To be our next month’s winner, make sure you’re uploading your journey to social and use the hashtag #IveBeenInspired.

What inspired you to take on your first Inspired Adventure?

I was inspired to take on my first Inspired Adventure challenge because at the reasonably young age of 40 in October 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For about 5 months life was all about cancer, tests, treatment and then recovery. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to have chemotherapy, but ongoing hormone treatment provides its own challenges. Through all of this, I tried to remain positive but was looking for a way to make some sense of the horrid disease cancer is.  I got an email from the BCNA about their Tuscany and I finally felt like I had the chance to turn the negative situation into something positive.  I could fundraise for such an important cause, raise awareness for early detection, give for the benefit of others, and drive myself to regain my fitness all at once. I had my light bulb moment.

How are you feeling about your upcoming adventure?

Participating in the trek is something completely outside of my comfort zone. It scares and excites me at the same time.  I haven’t travelled much but have always wanted to see more of the world, but to do it with a group of strangers is not something I’d normally do. I don’t worry about being physically fit; it’s the rest of the unknowns that scares me.

What are your total funds raised so far?

So far, I’ve raised around $1,400, which would not have been possible without the generosity of my parents, sister, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and some beautiful friends.

"Participating in the trek is something completely outside of my comfort zone. It scares and excites me at the same time."

What have been your biggest challenges in taking on an Inspired Adventure? How did you overcome this?

I’ve always been a fiercely independent person (just ask my mum), and got through every doctor’s appointment, looking after my house, working full time on my own (except one week my mum stayed with me after my breast surgery). Asking people to donate, come to events and to help out has been one of the hardest things for me to do. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at it!

Also, some of my fundraising plans had to be reconsidered, and now I am coming up with alternatives as the movie afternoon I’d planned didn’t sell as many tickets as I’d hoped, and corporate donations for a trivia night have been hard to obtain. I’m a hugely passionate baker, so morning teas through my various work locations will also play a part in raising funds, which is a double bonus cause I get to do something I enjoy, feed people I care about, all while doing something positive.

What advice would you offer to other people looking to complete a challenge like this?

As hard as some parts of this have been, I’d encourage anyone looking to spread positivity and do good for others to get involved with an Inspired Adventure. Not only will you create awareness, but you will also learn about yourself too … isn’t that what this whole journey of life is about?

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