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How to Take Travel Videos

 So you want to take videos to document your trip? Great! Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or a first timer, these are some important tips to remember.

Before turning the camera on

  • Before you start, make sure the camera lens is not dirty. Use lens cleaning fluid and lens tissue paper to clean. A dirty camera lens can ruin all of your shots, so make sure it’s dirt-free and ready to capture the amazing scenery.
  • Pay attention to lighting. This is a hard one because instinctively you’ll just want to turn the camera on and go. But before you do that, look around, see where the light is coming from, and don’t shoot a person standing in front of a very bright background. If it looks too dark to you, it’s going to look too dark on camera.
  • Think about interesting angles. You don’t have to shoot at eye-level; you can point the camera up or down and play around with artsy shots.

the traveler makes photos of the picturesque landscape at sunset

While shooting

  • Keep the camera as still as possible. For first timers, this might be a little difficult. Play around with your video camera at home to practice holding your hand steady. Minimize zooming in and out while shooting.
  • Shoot landscape (horizontally), not vertically. It’s good to have all video standardized.
  • Don’t shoot longer than 1 minute. Inspired Adventures will only be using 10 second footage (except for interviews), so don’t feel the need to capture every crevice of every landscape.
  • Vary the footage. Group shots, nature, wildlife- anything interesting that comes along your way, capture it.

Feeling inspired?

  • It’s one thing to imagine shooting amazing footage over the Tanzanian plains touring atop Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s another thing all together being there and seeing it for yourself. Take a look at our upcoming trips  and try out your video camera in one of the most beautiful destinations on earth.
  • Visit the Inspired Adventures Calendar and find a charity challenge perfect for you