Barbara is a New Zealander, born in Wellington, who’s spent time working in Asia and Australia before returning back to her home country of New Zealand.

Most of her travel is in South East Asia, including previous challenges hiking and biking in Vietnam with Inspired Adventures. Her favourite country to travel to is Iceland because of the scenery, which is so spectacular it makes her realise that nature is much bigger an dmore powerful than humankind. The most fun she’s had travelling is sailing and biking around the Croatian Islands, because the people are great storytellers and there is nothing like good Croatian food.

For Barbara, travel is a time to get out of the ‘everyday’ zone and be challenged in a new environment. She enjoys learning about different cultures, meeting new people, sharing time and wonderful experiences with them. When at home in NZ, you’ll most likely find Barbara out in the bush. If she’s not mountain biking, she’ll be running tracks in the Tararua Ranges with her dog Bella.

"Today is your day, your mountain is get on your way." - Dr. Seuss