Hannah is our fantastic Auckland-based campaign manager working with our New Zealand charities.

After finishing her degree studying Ancient History and Archaeology at Auckland University, Hannah headed to Japan to teach English before settling in England spending weekends visiting Europe and wandering through museums and foreign cities. Highlights of her time overseas included sailing down the Nile in a Felucca, spending time in ruins of Greece and having the chance to work in the beautiful frozen city of Moscow through the winter months.

Returning to live in NZ with two small boys, Hannah and family have enjoyed playing tourist in their own country and gained a new appreciation for the importance of looking after the environment we live in.

Hannah loves learning about the amazing work our charity partners do in NZ and around the world, she has a particular interest in charities that work with providing healthcare and education. Weekends will often find Hannah, family and dog spending time walking near home in the Waitakere ranges with their beautiful bush and black sand beaches.

Top of my bucket list: Bhutan

"Not all those who wander are lost." -JRR Tolkein