Meet Kalpana, one of our head guides in Nepal on the Annapurna track. Kalpana is from Sindupalchowk, a mountain village in Nepal, a few hours north of Kathmandu. She likes a good challenge, and her favourite destination has always been the Annapurna foothill trekking. The rich geographical and cultural diversity of Nepal has always fascinated Kalpana and she has always loved the idea of being a chameleon to the vast nature around her which has made her a lifelong learner. This is why she feels the pulse-pounding passion towards her job. Kalpana’s happy, determined and cheerful and she believes she can make others feel as passionate about Nepal as she does. She typically takes groups on treks that take around 3-7 days around the Annapurna region and other cultural and nature trips all over Nepal for 10-15 days.

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