Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Randula has always been a curious soul. She was always passionate about activism and political studies. After studying law for her undergraduate degree and realising she did not want to be a practicing corporate lawyer (the path thats most trodden), she made her way to Melbourne to further her studies around International Relations and Human Rights, hoping to be of service to vulnerable communities in the world. During that time, Randula did some volunteering to help communities seeking asylum in Victoria.

In her free time, she experiments in the kitchen and develops new baking recipes. Randula is a firm believer that cake solves most of life’s problems. Her dream is to own a small French patisserie that simultaneously functions as a human rights hub, where everyone is treated with equal opportunity and affection.

Bucket list destination: Jaipur, India

Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred. It is appeased only by loving-kindness.