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5 Reasons to Camp in Winter

Ah winter… the season to fasten down the hatches and hibernate until the spring – said not us!

Too often we channel our inner hermit as soon as temperatures drop, but unbeknownst to many, winter is actually the perfect time to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Our favourite and most tried and true cure for cabin fever during wintertime is to go camping.

Here’s why:

Less People

Camping is a great way to swap the hustle and bustle of city life for the soothing sounds of nature – and it’s even better to do it in winter. There will be less people pitching tents at your choice of campground (if any!) and those last minute reservations are always welcomed. You will have first dibs on the perfect spot as well as the communal BBQ facilities, showers and toilets. Massive pros!

Fewer Bugs

After a gruelling summer swatting flies and running from cockroaches, you can finally rest easy because those pesky bugs are few and far between in wintertime. Like certain animals, many types of insects will go into hibernation to escape the cold temperatures.

For precautionary purposes, we still recommend you stay armed with aeroguard – just in case…

An Excuse to Upgrade Your Gear

Winter camping offers a scenic splendour that is often unrivalled, however those breathtaking surroundings can turn from beautiful to unbearable in an instant. To enrich your experience outside and stay comfortable while you camp, don’t skimp on quality.

Opt for a dome or tunnel-shaped tent as it will retain heat and withstand wet weather. Choose a 4 seasons sleeping bag or add a thermal liner to keep you warm after dark, and separate yourself from that bitterly cold ground by adding a foam strip under your inflatable mattress.

Campfire and S’mores

An open campfire accompanied by some tasty s’mores is a sure way to create a warm winter wonderland outside. But before you grab the guitar and ignite the night with standout sing-alongs, always follow the campfire rules and etiquettes – and be sure to check your campsite’s fire restrictions and regulations.

Witness More Wildlife

During peak camping seasons, the presence of wildlife can be scarce. With fewer campers around in winter, your chances of seeing more wildlife are very high. Some of Australia’s most spectacular species can be found across a range of National parks – and they’re worth keeping an eye out for.

Check them out here

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