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Understanding the UN Climate Council Conference

What a huge month it’s been for action on climate! For the first time, world leaders from almost 200 countries gathered at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (also known as COP 21). With 2015 on track to be the hottest year ever recorded, it’s about time climate change got the attention it deserves!

Together the world leaders agreed climate change is a real threat to humanity and penned the first universal agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb global warming.

After 13 days of negotiations, commitments were made to keep global warming well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to aim for a temperature increase closer 1.5°C. The ambitious agreement was welcomed news for our friends in the Pacific who are already feeling the effects of climate change on a daily basis with the seas rising around the small islands.

Highlights of the deal include the requirement of nations to review their emissions every five years, and for wealthier countries to contribute $100 billion by 2020 to help poorer countries transition to clean energy economies. One of the biggest points of difference? For the first time, we saw both developed and developing countries sign up and make legal obligations to do their part to reduce man-made emissions.

All the credit for the new climate accord shouldn’t go to politicians. As the talks in Paris kicked off at the beginning of the month, regular Australian’s showed up to take part in the People’s Climate March. Worldwide the number of participants was 785,000 across 175 countries (more than three-quarters of a million). Pressure on governments from everyday climate activists made a huge difference to reaching this landmark agreement.  

If you are looking for practical ways to make sure your 2016 promotes a clean climate, while staying involved in the fight to reduce our warming planet check out our handy tips.  


Consider moving your money and superannuation away from banks that lend finance to fossil fuel projects. Better banking options include Bendigo Bank and Bank Australia. For a cleaner super fund join Future Super in minutes, it’s the only 100% fossil fuel free super fund in Australia.

Switch your energy provider

Make the move to better energy and use your consumer dollar to boycott AGL, Origin and Energy Australia. Switching is easy and affordable through Powershop (your new carbon neutral energy service).  

Use your political voice

Is your local member prioritising a clean climate? Consider voting for a party who is focused on achieving a cleaner, greener future. 


Get behind environmental organisations which prioritise First Nations people and their connection to country, wisdom & leadership. Why not check out the work of Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network?

Feeling Inspired?

Visit the Inspired Adventures Calendar to find an environmental cause to get behind!