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Fundraising ideas for winter

With winter upon us, and lots of money to raise for our favourite charity, now’s the time to get creative. Asking for donations can be tricky, but hosting fun, winter-appropriate events can be an excellent way to fundraise during the colder months.

These ideas aim to give something back and hopefully entertain your guests, so let’s get started!

Bake sale

Bake sales are one of the best ways to fundraise especially in winter; all you need (besides the ingredients) is a little bit of time and some creativity. Fun recipes for winter include; double chocolate snowballs, glazed ginger bread scones, or cheese and sausage rolls for those who prefer savoury treats. Set up your bake sale at home during the weekend, or bring your treats into the office for your workmates to enjoy.

Ladies night

Girl's night

There’s a lot you can do for your girl friends on a girl’s night in. Host a wine-tasting party, make cocktails or bake cookies together. You can also select some of your favourite movies and host a movie marathon at your house.

Karaoke night

Set up a karaoke machine and microphones if you have them (or borrow from a friend). Alternatively, you can hold your event at a karaoke bar or restaurant. Ask your friends to contribute to cover the cost as well as the donation to help you reach your target!

Movie night

Karaoke may not be for everyone, but most people won’t say no to a movie. You can hold a movie night every week or second week under a different theme to get more interest. It doesn’t take much work to set up a movie night, which makes it one of the easiest winter ideas to pull off.

Broth and bonfire

Fortunately for us, the Australian winter can be quite forgiving. Just because it’s a bit chilly, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. Hold a “broth and bonfire” night by preparing soup for your guests and if your backyard allows for it, set up a contained bonfire (check the status on fire bans). For something extra, prepare some mulled apple cider or hot chocolate. Charge an entry fee you are comfortable with, and that allows you to keep on top of your expenses.BBQ for fundraising

Clothing swaps and sales

With the changing season, many people want to update their wardrobe. Look through your closet for any clothes you’re no longer wearing. Set up a stall at a local market for better foot traffic, or hold a sale at your house. Make sure you invite all your friends and encourage them to invite anyone who might be interested. Try to have a wide selection so your customers have plenty to browse!

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