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Meet Our Local Guides: China

Meet Our Local Guides: China

Together with our Team Leaders, our local guides play an essential role in the success of all our adventures.

They come from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences so with their expert knowledge we know our adventurers are in the right hands to complete their challenges and achieve something they never knew they could.

The Great Wall of China is a legendary. Meet two of our guides who have helped our adventurers trek across literal ancient history.

Meet Jessie

She has been an English speaking travel guide for over ten years, leading both sightseeing and hiking group tours.

Jessie grew up in a small city in the province of Yunnan and spent time studying English in Beijing before returning to her hometown.

Her first experience as a guide was in 2007 in the beautifully preserved town of Lijiang, famous for it’s listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Her knowledge of Chinese history and culture means she is a known story-teller – and who wouldn’t want someone like Jessie with you as you walk along an ancient wonder of the world?

Her easy-going and open minded nature leave a lasting impression on those who have been on adventures with her.

Meet Michael

He is another local guide who has led a Great Wall Adventure with us.

Michael was born in a small town in northeast China but has also lived a large part of his life in Beijing.

Having moved around the country a fair bit, he says that different provinces have different climates, customs and most importantly, many kinds of food! This duality is part of what has shaped his interest in being a guide.

But what Michael loves most about his job, is the fact that every trek is different and that each person enjoys the adventure in their own unique way.

His favourite spot on the Great Wall? The Gubeikou section of the Wall because he says it is “quiet and beautiful”.

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