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B Corp Certified, ethical (and awesome) Christmas gift ideas for everyone

Christmas is the season of giving, and while there’s a lot of choice out there for what we can spend our money on, we know right where we’re heading first for gifts: B Corps!  B corps are companies (like us ) that have committed to using business as a force for good. They’re a wonderful first stop when you’re looking for ethically sourced goods or experiences with an extra layer of meaning.

Without further ado, here’s our list updated for 2017!

Who says you can’t shop and help change the world at the same time?



The little ones on your list will love Oishi-m’s colourful, quirky and, most importantly, comfy clothes. They’re unisex and made to last and be passed down – the opposite of fast fashion.

Why they’re good: Oishi-m produces clothing with environmentally friendly dyes in worker-friendly factories.

B Corp profile: http://bcorporation.com.au/community/oishi-m

Kester Black

In need of a stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift, or something for your coworker? Let us call your attention to Kester Black nail polishes. Apart from doing good, their polishes are super-high quality and come in a range of colours.

Why they’re good: Kester Black polishes are environmentally conscious, cruelty free, and 100% Australian made and owned. They also donate $1 for every online order to charity. 

B Corp profile: http://bcorporation.com.au/community/kester-black


memobottle make reusable water bottles for the modern design-obsessor on your list. And they fit perfectly into bags and briefcases.

Why they’re good: The makers behind memobottle want you to use a refillable water bottle, and by making it a laptop bag-friendly modern design, you might just keep this one forever. And that would be a lot of bottles saved!

B Corp Profile: http://bcorporation.com.au/community/memobottle-pty-ltd

Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest’s vision is for every individual to harness their potential for doing good through what they wear. Ethical fashion doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style for substance. Thread Harvest sources beautiful clothing, jewellery and gifts that are ethical and sustainable.

Why they’re good: “We are for the conscientious shoppers, change-makers who care about both style and substance, and who embrace higher virtues of empathy, respect and compassion.”

B Corp profile: http://bcorporation.com.au/community/thread-harvest

Eat Me Chutneys


Eat Me Chutneys make a whole bunch of delicious chutneys for the condiment connoisseur on your Christmas list. Also delicious for your own holiday feast!

Why they’re good: Eat Me Chutneys works against food wastage (by using wonky and bruised produce) and against unfair trade terms for farmers in developing nations (by using fairtrade certified ingredients). They also actively seek to employ and mentor those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

B Corp Profilehttp://bcorporation.com.au/community/eat-me-chutneys

School of Life

The School of Life

Experiences can offer a longer lasting sense of fulfilment than ‘things’ do, so if you want to share an experience with someone; The School Of Life offers courses and events to attend all year round. The School of Life also offers classes, workshops, retreats, intensives, secular sermons, and therapies in person.

Why they’re good: The School of Life addresses issues such as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past and change the world.

B Corp profilehttp://bcorporation.com.au/community/the-school-of-life-australia

‘Who Gives A Crap’ Christmas Edition Toilet Paper

For those of us who really ‘don’t give a crap’ about gifts—there’s one thing that rarely goes unappreciated. Toilet paper.

Yes, really!

Who Gives A Crap has teamed up with some of Australia’s best artists to design the ’12 Rolls of Christmas’ for their Christmas edition. Fun! Each box comes with 48 double lengths rolls of premium bamboo toilet paper. Stock up, and never run out of toilet paper again.

Why they’re good: The company donates 50% of its profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

B Corp profile: http://bcorporation.com.au/community/who-gives-a-crap

Sharing a glass with friends

Need your supply of liquor for the silly season? Kooks and Stone & Wood are two B Corp choices for beer and wine for those who like to celebrate with a drink!

Remember, although gifts are one of the reasons we all love Christmas, it’s important to connect with our families, friends and communities at this time of year. If you want to give back, you can always do so by donating to a cause you personally connect with, or on behalf of someone who would really appreciate the donation to their favourite charity or cause.

We hope we have sparked ideas for your Christmas shopping — make sure you spend wisely!


Why we became a B Corp

Last week, we announced the news of our B Corp certification. It was a big project, and something we worked towards for quite awhile. The time invested, however, was well worth it, and we’d do it again! Why? Read on…

Making the world a better place

I have known for years about the genuine positive social impact our adventures have, not only on the 4,000 community fundraisers who have taken part, but also on the many charities who have benefited from over $24 million being raised for their vital projects. Becoming a certified B Corp is an important recognition of the tremendous amount of work we have dedicated to making the world a better place, one adventure at a time.

Business as a force for good

The ethos of using “business as a force for good” which B Corp promotes, aligns so well with Inspired Adventures and my personal vision to change lives and promote philanthropy through responsible travel. Guided by the mantra of “Do Dharma. Do good work” I launched Inspired Adventures with the inaugural Trek for Tibet which raised a small, yet significant, $50,000 for the Australian Tibet Council. Fast-forward 11 years and we now raise an average of $4 million per annum from over 80 annual adventures, and have partnered with over 150 charities.

Going through the B Corp certification process allowed us to reflect on how far we have come, as well as celebrate the social, environmental and community business decisions that we get right, while providing us clear avenues to continually improve our practices. We are now part of a world-wide community of social businesses and will be able to tap into the knowledge and experience of other like-minded companies.

The B Corp movement is still developing in Australia, with Inspired Adventures becoming the 148th Australian and New Zealand B Corp. We want to be leaders in the travel and fundraising industry, creating a ripple effect amongst our clients, customers and suppliers, highlighting that purpose driven companies can be innovative, sustainable and generate profit. We are excited to spread the message of B Corp, encouraging other companies to use the power of business to solve environmental and social problems.

-Justine Curtis, CEO and Founder